Identify, Quantify and Qualify Business and Product Opportunities

ATLANTIC-ACM produces the telecom industry’s principal market sizing and share studies, which the world’s leading operators, investors and advisers rely upon for business and strategy development. Additionally, market leaders from all corners of the industry leverage our MarketScan services to identify market opportunities, develop growth strategies and capture and retain market share.

Market Sizing and Opportunity Assessment

Sizing the market opportunity and future growth for products, markets, verticals or segments is central to successful business strategy. Our assessments deliver accurate quantitative sizing of opportunities by business unit, product or geographic region, and forecast relevant market changes over coming years. Our research also evaluates significant competitors, market share, and other key qualitative and quantitative data so we can help you make informed strategic decisions.

Pricing and Placement Strategy

Whether your goals are to establish a premium service market position or shoot for market share, our pricing and placement strategy methodology allows you to establish strategic competitive position by:

  • Business unit
  • Product
  • Target market (horizontal, vertical or specialized)
  • Region (e.g., region/metro, national or international)

Product Scope and Diversification Assessment

Leveraging assets has long been a catalyst for market entry, expansion and diversification—especially in the telecom industry. Our scope and diversification assessments help you identify:

  • New verticals that can be served by your current products (or products that can be minimally altered to serve new verticals)
  • Product bundling opportunities (internally and via partnership)
  • Potential distribution partners