Customer Experience, Satisfaction and Behavior Analysis

MindMap is ATLANTIC-ACM’s proprietary process for developing vital customer insights for use in the formulation, execution and modification of business and marketing strategies.

While each component delivers powerful results on a stand-alone basis for key business objectives, all MindMap components fit together to provide a holistic view of how your company performs with prospects and customers, and how that performance compares with that of your competitors. MindMap processes are designed for integration with ATLANTIC-ACM’s MarketScan and OpsIQ methodologies that deliver time-tested methodologies for establishing a competitive advantage to capture and retain market share.

Customer Satisfaction and Revenue Retention

Even modest improvements in customer retention can have a significant impact on the bottom line. For more than 20 years, ATLANTIC-ACM has been the telecom industry’s market leader in measuring customer satisfaction in sales, product and operational areas through:

  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Customer satisfaction benchmarking and competitive analysis (by customer, vertical and product)
  • Key customer surveys
  • Product and technology migration forecasts and planning

Customer Experience Mapping and Assessment

Voice and data commoditization and shorter product lifecycles are driving customer experience as a focal point for competitive differentiation. ATLANTIC-ACM helps clients improve the entire customer experience with a heavy focus on experience management and consistency.

Lost Customer Surveys

Lost customers equal lost revenues and profits. Our lost customer surveys pinpoint:

  • Why your customers leave
  • Which competitors they go to, and why
  • What it takes to recapture lost customers
  • How to stem ongoing customer losses

Win/Loss Analysis

Understanding why you lose deals to competitors is key to developing winning go-to-market strategies. Our win/loss analysis programs identify:

  • What customers value most when selecting products and providers
  • How your competitors win new business
  • Where you can improve throughout the sales process—from building relationships and assessing customer needs to developing horizontal, vertical and custom solutions for closing deals