Establish Superior Competitive Performance through Operational Excellence

Every provider aims to deliver a superior customer experience as efficiently as possible. This level of optimization requires knowledge of costs and performance with customers for both you and your customers. ATLANTIC-ACM’s OpsIQ suite of services delivers mission-critical insight on performance on both sides of this equation, enabling the development of optimum operations strategies to deliver financial performance.

Service Delivery Benchmarking

Our service delivery benchmarking analysis identifies how you stack up against your competitors in key operations and service touch points, including:

  • Sales and service process analysis by product or business unit. Examples:
  • How your product provisioning/installation processes and timeframes compare to your other products and to those of your competitors
  • How the costs, accuracy and customer comprehension of your billing compare to competitors
  • How efficiently your sales force is selling, delivering and upselling products relative to your competitors
  • How your product literature compares with those of your competitors, in both efficacy, and cost of production
  • How your spend on sales and service delivery compares to your competitors
  • Performance optimization to improve your competitive position in key products or customer touch points

Operations Efficiency

Optimal resource allocation is a constantly moving target for today’s business managers. Our operations efficiency analysis assesses how your company compares to its competitors in key operations metrics such as sales compensation and incentives, service personnel per customer or revenue increment, direct and indirect local customer support costs, and other indicators of competitive performance.

Best Practices Analysis and Adoption

Understanding your company’s performance relative to it competitors is key to making confident business decisions. So is identifying your own firm’s best-performing assets. ATLANTIC-ACM can help you identify the best practices within the industry and which of your company’s business units, locations or processes deliver the strongest performance in your organization, empowering you to replicate those processes throughout your organization to minimize costs and maximize competitive performance.