Strategic Advisory

ATLANTIC-ACM’s Corporate Strategy and Private Equity Practice helps service providers and technology companies across strategic development and investment diligence through business and transaction execution.


Market and Competitive Assessment

► Evaluate the size, growth rates, and drivers of market opportunities
► Understand competitive landscapes
► Identify new entrants, new products/services, and innovative solutions

Customer Value Proposition and “Right-to-Win”

► Understand customer purchase criteria
► Assess economics in value chain
► Determine optimal basis for competition
► Prioritize opportunities

Go-to-market Strategy

► Understand current ability to enter market and identify potential entrance options/requirements
► Evaluate organic vs. acquisitive growth
► Develop a go-to-market plan


Organic Entry

Operational Readiness

► Determine how growth strategy should be mobilized
► Prepare roadmap to initiate investment effort
► Evaluate organizational support (e.g., IT, personnel, facilities) needed to realize growth

Change Management

► Develop blueprint for management and coordination of investment effort

Program Management

► Determine how growth opportunities should be prioritized
► Develop strategic and financial goals
► Manage risk planning

Inorganic Entry

Opportunity Identification

► Determine profile of desired target
► Identify potential targets or partners
► Determine magnitude of investment desired

M&A Advisory

► Guide initial approach to target management
► Evaluate available financing
► Determine optimal structure of financing

Transaction Diligence

► Conduct financial due diligence
► Conduct valuation of target company
► Conduct commercial due diligence

Transaction Integration

► Plan integration of target company
► Identify opportunities to enhance profitability of target
► Identify and drive synergies


ATLANTIC-ACM helps corporations make better-informed strategic decisions to improve company performance and increase realized value.