2014 ATLANTIC-ACM Awards for Global Wholesale Service Provider Excellence Delivered

Jan 22, 2014


From left to right: Fedor Smith, President, ATLANTIC-ACM; Alex Leroux, Regional Director of BT Global Markets, British Telecom; Katherine Doe, Vice President of Commercial Operations, iBasis; Isabelle Lorin de Reure, Vice President of Marketing, Strategy and Development, Orange; Corrinne Haley, Marketing Manager, Deutsche Telekom; Dino Civitarese, Executive Vice President of Sales Asia Pacific, Telecom Italia Sparkle; Nicholas Nikrouyan, Chief Commercial Officer, BICs; Aaron Blazar, Vice President, ATLANTIC-ACM


Strategy research consultancy ATLANTIC-ACM today delivered its 2014 ATLANTIC-ACM Awards for Global Wholesale Service Provider Excellence at PTC ’14 in Honolulu, Hawaii. This year’s awards are based on more than 1,500 individual ratings of global telecom service providers – by their wholesale customers – for the 2014 edition of ATLANTIC-ACM’s Global Wholesale Service Provider Report Card.

ATLANTIC-ACM President Fedor Smith delivered the awards, which were as follows:

BT: Large Service Provider Network Performance
Deutsche Telekom: Large Service Provider Billing and Network Performance
Orange: Large Service Provider Brand
Telecom Italia Sparkle: Large Service Provider Sales Reps, Provisioning and Customer Service
BICS: Midsized and Under Service Provider Brand, Sales Reps and Network Performance
iBasis: Midsized and Under Service Provider Billing, Provisioning and Customer Service

Boston-based ATLANTIC-ACM is a leading provider of strategic research and consulting services to the communications and information industries. In addition to producing the industry’s principal benchmarking, sizing and opportunity studies, the company assists clients in evaluating business development opportunities for successful investment, market entry and long-term planning. For more information, visit ATLANTIC-ACM’s website at http://www.atlantic-acm.com.

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