ATLANTIC-ACM Announces 2021 U.S. Wholesale Service Provider Excellence Awards

Feb 1, 2022

Boston, MA – February 2nd, 2022 Leading research consultancy and market diligence firm ATLANTIC-ACM announced its 2021 U.S. Wholesale Service Provider Excellence Awards on Wednesday, February 2nd. The awards are determined by detailed user reviews from 300 unique customers who provided 1,200 carrier specific evaluations of service level and product quality for their current providers.

The 2021 analysis of the U.S. Wholesale voice/data market covers both metro and long-haul wholesale services and has been the market benchmark since it was introduced after the Telecommunications Act of 1996. The study offers competitive customer experience benchmarking data along with insights on shifting purchase dynamics and buying priorities.

Network performance, security and price continue to be the most important buying priorities for wholesale customers, though customer-facing operations still play a vital role in purchase decisions. Among products, rising bandwidth demand continues to push wholesale buyers to spend more on high-capacity Wavelength, Ethernet, and Internet Access. Wholesale customers indicated that they expect future spend to increase with agile fiber, cable, and niche VoIP providers.

ATLANTIC-ACM recognizes the top ILEC / Large Cable and CLEC / Midsized and Under Cable players in each major operational category as well as for the highest combined average for quality and price ratings (value) in data and voice. The winners for ATLANTIC-ACM’s 2021 U.S. Wholesale Service Provider Excellence Awards are:

  • Large ILEC and Cable Winners
    • AT&T: Network Performance (tied with Verizon)
    • Verizon: Brand, Sales Reps, Service Delivery, Network Performance (tied with AT&T), Customer Service, Data Value, Voice Value
    • Comcast: Billing
  • CLEC and Midsized Carriers Winners
    • Crown Castle: Brand, Sales Reps, Billing (tied with Inteliquent)
    • Inteliquent: Service Delivery (tied with Bandwidth), Network Performance, Billing (tied with Crown Castle), Customer Service, Voice Value
    • Bandwidth: Service Delivery (tied with Inteliquent)
    • Zayo: Data Value


Founded in 1991, ATLANTIC-ACM, is a leading strategic consulting firm to the telecom and technology sectors. ATLANTIC-ACM assists corporate and investor clients in evaluating strategic growth opportunities for successful investment, market entry, optimization, and long-term planning. For almost thirty years, Boston-based ATLANTIC-ACM has helped leading companies identify opportunities, capture and retain market share, and navigate changing market dynamics, economies, and technologies. For more information, visit ATLANTIC-ACM’s website at

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