ATLANTIC-ACM Delivers 2016 U.S. Long Haul Wholesale Service Provider Excellence Awards

Apr 11, 2016

2016 U.S. Long Haul Wholesale Awardees

From left to right: Fedor Smith, President and Managing Partner, ATLANTIC-ACM; Dennis Elwell, Division Vice President, Verizon Global Wholesale; Chris Hynes, Director, Level 3; Patrick Thompson, Director, Legislative Affairs, XO Communications; Aaron Blazar, Senior Partner, ATLANTIC-ACM

Leading research consultancy and market diligence firm ATLANTIC-ACM delivered its 2016 U.S. Long Haul Wholesale Service Provider Excellence Awards on Monday, April 11 at the INCOMPAS Show in Washington D.C. The awards were based on more than 800 customer evaluations of U.S. long haul wholesale service providers for the 2016 edition of ATLANTIC-ACM’s U.S. Long Haul Wholesale Report Card.

ATLANTIC-ACM President and Managing Partner Fedor Smith delivered the awards as follows:

  • Level 3: Awards for Service Delivery and Customer Service
  • Verizon: Awards for Brand, Network Performance, and Voice Value
  • XO: Award for Sales Reps and award tie for Billing
  • Zayo: Award for Data Value and award tie for Billing


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