ATLANTIC-ACM Releases 2013 U.S. Long-Haul Carrier Report Card, Finds Network Quality as Top Driver of Purchase

Sep 11, 2013

Strategy research firm ATLANTIC-ACM today announced the general availability of its 2013 U.S. Long-Haul Wholesale Carrier Report Card, the telecommunications industry’s chief benchmarking study of carrier performance with long-haul wholesale customers. This year’s study finds that network quality remains the top driver of purchase decisions in the space.

“Network Quality remains of paramount importance for wholesale long-haul customers,” said Douglas J Barnett, senior analyst at ATLANTIC-ACM. “As buyers continue to migrate to next-generation network services, service providers need to keep trying hard to differentiate themselves from the pack to earn new market opportunities and, just as importantly, control customer churn.”

About the Study

ATLANTIC-ACM’s latest annual study of the domestic long haul wholesale industry, the 2013 U.S. Long Haul Wholesale Carrier Report Card, offers insight into wholesale carriers through ratings by their customers. Wholesale providers will understand their market position with respect to areas such as sales reps, billing, provisioning, network, customer service, product quality, and pricing. Resellers will have access to carrier profiles detailing their product offerings as well as individual providers’ strengths and weaknesses. For more information, or to order the study, visit ATLANTIC-ACM’s website at


Boston-based ATLANTIC-ACM is a leading provider of strategic research and consulting services to the communications and information industries. In addition to producing the industry’s principal benchmarking, sizing and opportunity studies, the company assists clients in evaluating business development opportunities for successful investment, market entry and long-term planning. For more information, visit ATLANTIC-ACM’s website at


Members of the press may contact Douglas J. Barnett directly at

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