Global Wholesale Carrier Product Ratings Down, Reveals ATLANTIC-ACM Study

May 21, 2013

Overall, customer satisfaction with global wholesale products declines year-over-year, generating opportunities for providers with proactive sales reps to capture share from passive providers

Strategy and research consultancy ATLANTIC-ACM announced today the general availability of the 2013 edition of its Global Wholesale Report Card. Based on more than 1,400 individual carrier evaluations, this year’s study compiles tends, drivers and conclusions about the global long haul wholesale landscape to deliver a thorough picture of market leaders and factors shaping the industry.

“Price sensitivity among global wholesale buyers is exacerbated by ongoing uncertainty in the global economy,” said ATLANTIC-ACM CEO, Dr. Judy Reed Smith. “These wholesale customers were less satisfied with pricing for seven of the 10 major products, driving down overall product satisfaction.”

About the Study

The 2013 Global Wholesale Carrier Report Card delivers insight into global wholesale carriers based on direct feedback from wholesale customers. Wholesale providers gain understandings of their market positions with respect to key areas such as billing, provisioning, network, customer service and pricing. Wholesale customers gain access to carrier profiles detailing their product offerings as well as first-hand data regarding individual providers’ strengths and weaknesses. The study includes a comprehensive overview of the global wholesale industry. For more information, visit ATLANTIC-ACM’s website at


Boston-based ATLANTIC-ACM is a leading provider of strategic research and consulting services serving the communications and information industries. In addition to producing the industry’s principal benchmarking, sizing and opportunity studies, the company assists clients in evaluating business development opportunities for successful investment, market entry, and long-term planning. For more information, visit ATLANTIC-ACM’s website at

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