Strategic Advisory

We help operators and investors establish sustainable competitive advantages through strategy, planning, and diligence. Our model enables us to deliver strategies and investment cases based on deep TMT relationships, market intelligence, and proprietary industry data.


Market DilligenceOur market intelligence team has over 30 years of experience in helping operators across the ecosystem and an unwavering commitment to stay ahead of industry trends, positioning us well to provide key analytics to support operator and investor decision making.

About The Firm

Founded in 1991, ATLANTIC-ACM, is a leading strategic consulting firm to the telecom and technology sectors. ATLANTIC-ACM assists corporate and investor clients in evaluating strategic growth opportunities for successful investment, market entry, optimization, and long-term planning. For more than two decades, Boston-based ATLANTIC-ACM has helped leading companies identify opportunities, capture and retain market share, and navigate changing market dynamics, economies, and technologies.

A sample of our Clients