Decoding Declines in Enterprise Satisfaction Ratings with Provider Operations

ATLANTIC-ACM’s Business Connectivity Report Card is a study of enterprise customer satisfaction with telecom service providers and is part of our Report Card series of annual studies. Survey respondents generated well over 7,000 total carrier ratings in 2012 and 2013,

Judy Reed Smith

Is E for Extra Speed and Extra Margin?

Although 1973 sounds like a long, long time ago, if we realise that 41 years ago this spring Robert Metcalfe conceived the first conceptual hints of what evolved into Ethernet while at MIT, the interval seems small.

After a decade …

Aaron Blazar

Disorganized Value Chain: The Story of Small Cell and DAS

In early April, I had the pleasure of participating in the NEDAS Forum event in New York City. The forum had attendees and speakers covering all aspects of the deployment value chain. From attending, it became clear that Manhattan has

A Rift in Competition: Wholesale vs. Retail Operations

ATLANTIC-ACM’s annual Report Card series collects thousands of service provider ratings from their customers. We publish several of these studies each year – all of them focusing on either wholesale or retail telecom sales and service – and they all …

Judy Reed Smith

Wear It Well – Inside or Out

I bought myself a 2014 present. My newest bracelet is black plastic and can tell me how many steps I’ve walked (2,551 by noon, without having yet made it to the gym), how many miles (1.6), how many flights of …

Judy Reed Smith

Clash of the Titans: Shaping the Future of US Wireless

The fight for stateside wireless customers shifted from intense to very intense when regulators quashed AT&T’s planned purchase of T-Mobile in late 2011.

Break-up fees of $2 billion, plus required AT&T spectrum, helped T-Mobile grow its network and enhance its

Fedor Smith

Managing M2M’s Big Data Will Be An All-Tech-On-Deck Exercise

It’s generally accepted that by the beginning of the next decade the machine-to-machine market, or, if you prefer, the larger-scope “Internet of things,” will have more connected devices than all other Internet connections combined. Even if that tipping point proves

Old-School Solutions for One of Telecom’s Dirty Little Secrets

Millions of dollars are lost every year due to delays in turning up telecom services. In addition to lost revenue, delays in service delivery result in unhappy customers at what is often a pivotal point in a new customer relationship. …

The Hidden Divide: Focus on Growth Verticals Drives Satisfaction Gap Between Global Wholesale Customer Segments

Every year, ATLANTIC-ACM surveys hundreds of global wholesale buyers. We ask them to rate their wholesale providers in various customer-experience touch points as well as product quality and price competitiveness. A quick glance at this year’s ratings for overall operations …

Aaron Blazar

When Will Wireless Matter in the Consumer Broadband Access Battle?

The broadband ecosystem continues to evolve but a key question remains: When will wireless operators play a major role in disintermediating wired broadband service providers?

Wireless access via LTE delivers speeds that rival wired broadband in many places, yet today …