Aaron Blazar

Dark Fiber’s Role in the Mobile Backhaul Ecosystem

Dark fiber — the dirty word of early-2000s telecom — is back en vogue in the wireless backhaul market. With the pending initial public offering of Zayo Group, it seems the time is ripe to discuss dark fiber’s role in …

Global Wholesalers Rate Higher With Customers in Brand, Network Performance

In last month’s column, we covered the latest results from our annual study of global wholesale provider performance with their customers. We also discussed an emerging satisfaction gap by customer size. As wholesale providers focus on growth verticals, large …

Charlie Reed

Comcast-Time Warner Cable Merger to Create Fourth Largest Business Services Player

Today, the Time Warner Cable merger saga came to a tentative conclusion as Comcast agreed to purchase the company in a deal worth $45.2 billion, or $154 a share. There are many implications in this deal for consumer services, which …

Aaron Blazar

Go-to-Market Tune Ups for Small Cell Infrastructure Players

Tower providers, fiber players, integrators and others are focused on capturing business from the next round of U.S. mobile infrastructure expansion – small cells. In my previous analysisThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled

Aaron Blazar

Small Cell — What’s the Deal (Is it Real?)

Small cells may be one of the hottest topics in the wireless infrastructure space today, but their impact has yet to show in the United States and many are beginning to question their relevancy: Do they really matter, and, will

Judy Reed Smith

New Business Models Will Define the Future of Carriers

The future is already here – it’s just not very evenly distributed.
                                                                                  William Gibson

Recognizing and acting on what is ahead for an industry is an ongoing challenge. You do not have to dig deeply into our industry’s history to …

Charlie Reed

Top Telecom Business Trends in 2014

Technologists will be part of every initiative. As CEOs, CMOs, CFOs and other key roles increasingly become integrated with the CIO/CTO role, companies will leverage advancements in big data, gamification, social networking, collaboration, data analytics machine learning, context marketing …