Judy Reed Smith

Lucky ’13 Stateside Wholesale Forecasts

What a year we experienced in 2012. Mergers, new wireless network builds, new smartphones driving even more data use, the US economy clawing slowly upward (except when jitters over Europe sink the market), more patent suits over innovation ownership and …

Charlie Reed

Business Wireline Trends in 2013

Migration to new technologies, diversification of products and services, and cable companies capturing market share will color the business wireline landscape this year.  The following are some trends to watch for as 2013 plays out:

  • Company spending remains measured through
Aaron Blazar

Big Hopes for Small Cells, But No Clear Path to Success

Most of us remember when femtocells were the “next big thing” in wireless services. In the early days, small-cell solutions emerged as tools for addressing gaps in wireless coverage. Today, small-cell technology is (rightfully) being repurposed to address the ever-pressing …