Network Again Tops Drivers of Purchase for Retail Business Connectivity

Through nearly 20 years of Carrier Report Card research at both the wholesale and retail levels, network and price have tended to duke it out for the top driver of purchase among buyers. Perhaps nowhere is this clearer than in

Fedor Smith

Why Isn’t eBay an MVNO?

At the peak of the mobile virtual network operator fervor we witnessed in the 2005 to 2007 timeframe, common wisdom held that a successful MVNO must have killer content, a highly targeted brand or great devices or, better yet, all

Metro Wholesalers Regain Lost Ground with Large Customers

A renewed focus on growth products and segments is paying off for metro wholesalers. According to data from the 2013 edition of ATLANTIC-ACM’s Metro Wholesale Service Provider Report Card, customer satisfaction with metro wholesalers’ overall operations surged 4.4 percent in …

Aaron Blazar

U.S. Mobile Opportunities Over the Next Five Years

ATLANTIC-ACM just completed “Strategic Services Take the Stage: U.S. Telecom Wired and Wireless Sizing and Share 2013-2018,” its annual five-year forecasting analysis of the U.S. telecom market. With this iteration of the analysis, it again is readily apparent …

Judy Reed Smith

Our Digital Health Future Spells Big Data Demand for Telcos

Personally, I have three different electronic health records providers, and that is even without signing up for Google Health (2008-2012 RIP) or Microsoft HealthVault (2007-present). Massachusetts General Hospital alone has three different storage systems, depending on which doctors need to

Long-Haul Carriers Maintain High Satisfaction In Network Performance – With Caveats

In our previous entry, we reported that long-haul carriers have achieved five straight years of improvements in overall operations scores in ATLANTIC-ACM Carrier Report Cards – a significant achievement for the space. We also noted, however, that beneath the surface,

Aaron Blazar

The Shopping Network: What Will DISH Do Now?

Just as I clicked “send” on my last blog, it became immediately irrevelant as DISH launched a new, higher bid for Clearwire, leaving Sprint/Softbank in limbo over the supposedly done deal to acquire the remainder of Clearwire. Since then, a

For Wholesalers, Wireless Wins and Losses Becoming a Game of Innovation

New wholesale survey results from ATLANTIC-ACM reveal that approximately 30 percent of customers executing wholesale purchases also offer wireless services to their end users. Further, among the seven in 10 that do not, nearly 90 percent indicate they have no …