Judy Reed Smith

Shaking the Tree, Boss

As I sat down to write this blog on Tuesday afternoon, July 29th, 2014, the US stock market was heading gently downward. However, the most important of industries had virtually all companies – from AT&T and Verizon down to the …

Aaron Blazar

Sprint and T-Mobile US: Three Other Reasons it Might Not Have Worked

Regulatory hurdles have apparently put to rest Softbank’s plans to bid for T-Mobile US, but the potential deal faced headwinds on several other fronts, including go-to-market strategy, coverage and network integration. All in, just like any other deal, the combination …

Charlie Reed

Level 3 – tw telecom Deal to Create New “Major Player” in Business Telecom


Level 3 announced the planned acquisition of tw telecom for approximately $5.68B in a cash and stock transaction.

If consummated, the deal will have the following impacts on the market:

  • The deal will help both companies compete. tw
Aaron Blazar

VIDEO: RCR Wireless News Chat with ATLANTIC-ACM About Small Cell Economics and Realities

RCR Wireless News editor Dan Meyer held a live chat with our own Aaron Blazar for RCR readers about the current economic and marketplace realities surrounding small cell development projects. If you missed the live chat, a replay is available …

Judy Reed Smith

Fast Lane, Slow Lane

As Google unveiled the first images of its self-driving car prototype, I could not help but notice its most prominent feature – the face across the front. This design element has suffered plenty in reviews and commentary, but I get

Aaron Blazar

Wireless Infrastructure Value Chain Consolidation?

Historically, the wireless infrastructure value chain consisting of tower operators, fiber backhaul providers and neutral colocation facility providers has existed as three distinct provider groups. With increased consolidation in each of the infrastructure sectors, and increased focus on turnkey wireless …

Decoding Declines in Enterprise Satisfaction Ratings with Provider Operations

ATLANTIC-ACM’s Business Connectivity Report Card is a study of enterprise customer satisfaction with telecom service providers and is part of our Report Card series of annual studies. Survey respondents generated well over 7,000 total carrier ratings in 2012 and 2013,

Judy Reed Smith

Is E for Extra Speed and Extra Margin?

Although 1973 sounds like a long, long time ago, if we realise that 41 years ago this spring Robert Metcalfe conceived the first conceptual hints of what evolved into Ethernet while at MIT, the interval seems small.

After a decade …

Aaron Blazar

Disorganized Value Chain: The Story of Small Cell and DAS

In early April, I had the pleasure of participating in the NEDAS Forum event in New York City. The forum had attendees and speakers covering all aspects of the deployment value chain. From attending, it became clear that Manhattan has

A Rift in Competition: Wholesale vs. Retail Operations

ATLANTIC-ACM’s annual Report Card series collects thousands of service provider ratings from their customers. We publish several of these studies each year – all of them focusing on either wholesale or retail telecom sales and service – and they all …